I’m not entirely sure why it’s become so hard to write.  As much as it can be very therapeutic, liberating even, sometimes putting pen to paper feels like peeling and picking one’s self apart and laying the fragments out for scrutiny.
Then I think back to why I write. I write because that’s how I process and make sense of things.  I write to document and put the spaghetti of thoughts and ideas in order. I write to enjoy language.

This blog, then, is an extremely overdue personal project to exercise courage rather than simmer in paralysing worry about whether I am writing about the right things and am I saying them in the right way. The Weather and the Sea (tw&ts) is an ode to conversations about anything and everything; conversations that high-kick a switch in your mind and elate you immensely, and conversations that matter. To me, conversations aren’t just about words and visuals but also their impact, and above all, about discovering. Conversations, in their own right, are experiences. I relish conversations for the same reasons as writing.

In short, tw&ts will be a medium through which I process and talk about things I love, and an outlet for the conversations I don’t usually get to have.


Let me know what you think!

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